Cooking courses and truffle hunting

At “Al Gelso Bianco” there are cooking classes for adults and children.
There are two basic courses: Tuscan Cuisine Cooking Course and Fresh Homemade Pasta Making Course.

The courses last about 3,5 hours ( lunch included) incluidng our wine and extra vergin olive oil tasting The lunch is a convivial moment of tastings, learning and above all joy and fun. Children and adults that don’t take part in the cooking lesson are still invited to the lunch as well.

The needs of adults and children with food allergies and intolerances are taken into account. We also organise Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Courses.

For further information and requests for availability on our cooking courses, please write to
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Cost per adult 175€

Cost for children from 4 to 12 years of age 75€

Cost of lunch only (adults) 65€

Cost of a PRIVATE class 220€ per person ( minimum 2 people)

The cost includes lunch and wines.

An apron and the recipies will be supplied for the course

The course is aimed at families and is held by the Stefania, the owner. “Ever since I was young, I saw my mother prepare tagliatelle, ravioli with vegetable and potato gnocchi for us 5 children… when my daughter Irene proposed this lovely activity to me back to my childhood memories made of smells, genuine tastes, sweetness and time to dedicate to cooking”.

During the class you be taeched how to prepare tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi, but also oven baked vegetables and an excellent cakes!

Everyone loves this course and it is really an unmissable and unforgettable experience!!!

The course can also be done in a gluten free version.

This course is mainly aimed at adults but children can also take part.
The dishes proposed are those of the traditional Tuscan cuisine like, for example, the arista, the Peposo, the pappa al Pomodoro and many others. The recipes are easy and delicious and can easily be reproduced once you go back home. This way you are taking back some of the smell and taste of Tuscany.

This wonderful activity takes place entirely in our property
It starts with a walk through our olive groves until our woods where, with the help of master truffle hunter Emanuele and his tireless dogs , the hunt begins!

A healthy and fun experience for kids and adults !

Walks begin at 9am and end at around 10 am.
The class starts at 10.30am
Sportswear is recommended.
On request we can provide boots for adults.

Adults: walk + cooking class + lunch = 295 Euro per person.
Children from 4 to 12 years: walk + cooking class + lunch = 95 Euro per person (menu without truffles)

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